Sockets may be found on a lot of items in Diablo III. Sockets are holes in an item that may be filled with gems (and only gems, at least in D3v), which provide the item with a wide range of perks. The bonuses might get rather significant thanks to the 14 tiers of gems.

The jeweler, one of the two (previously three) Artisans, may add sockets to things, and gems placed in sockets can be withdrawn by the Jeweler without being damaged. Socketing was originally handled by the Blacksmith, but when the Jeweler’s crafting powers were lost during development, the utility was reassigned to the Jeweler.

Socketing in Diablo III

Though item sockets are plentiful in Diablo III, the only items that may be socketed are the four categories of gems, and each gem has only three sorts of socket values: weapons, helms, and “other.” This appears to offer a lot of opportunity for expansion, and it’s believed that socket bonuses will be more varied, as well as more socketable objects (perhaps jewels or a new form of runes) in the game’s expansion (s).

Diablo III contains runes (though this may change), however they can only be socketed in skills, not items. As a result, there are no runewords or buried gem-words, however the developers have expressed interest in the concept.

Sockets can be found on all item qualities in Diablo III, and they’re especially common on pre-made Set and Legendary items. They can also appear as a result of bonus modifiers on Magical and Rare items. Furthermore, the Jeweler can add a socket to any quality and most sorts of weapons and armor, however the maximum amount of sockets in a particular item is unknown.

Socketable Items?

Throughout development, the full list of goods that can have sockets has altered several times. Blizzard’s game information page includes only shields, helms, belts, and pants as of January 2012, though amulets were frequently rumored to be socketable during development. Rings may possibly be socketable, according to some speculation.

Weapons are not socketable, which is a bit of a letdown. They were socketable for a long time throughout development, but they aren’t scheduled to be socketable when the game is released. Of course, this is subject to change.

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